Design materials

With the help of careful planning, you can implement the system clearly and correctly at once. The planning and implementation of the system is easy when all devices related to the apartment's measurements are connected to the same bus.

On this page you will find data sheets related to the METEC system.

You can get adjustment diagrams/principle diagrams and work explanation models from our sales office: or +358 20 703 2970


MCDL0000 Central unit

MCDL0003 Wireless water meter Ultrasonic, WM-Bus

MCDL0004 Wireless water meter Ultrasonic, LoRaWAN

MCDL0005 Wired water meter Ultrasonic, M-BUS


MCDL0012 Multifunction display ClimaPri e-INK

MCDL0021 Water ergy meter WM-BUS/M-BUS

MCDL0031 Control unit ClimaPri

MCDL0032 Apartment thermostat ClimaPri e-INK

MCDL0061 Wired apartment sensor, M-Bus

MCDL0062 Wireless apartment sensor, WM-Bus

MCDL0064 Wired outdoor sensor. M-BUS

MCDL0065 Wireless outdoor sensor. WM-BUS

MCDL0071 WM-BUS repeaters

MCDL0072 ClimaPri repeaters

Most common questions

  • Are the meters easy to install?

    Yes! The installation angle is free depending on the choice of meter type. Proper installation instructions are included with the shipment.

    What automation protocols do you use?

  • What automation protocols do you use?

    Metec's system uses M-Bus and ModBus protocols to transfer measurement data. The Metec system uses standardized automation protocols, thanks to which the system can also be connected to other building automation.

    How is the implementation done?

  • How is the implementation done?

    Commissioning is carried out on site so that all parties can be sure that the system will work as expected. Commissioning can also be carried out remotely at the customer's request.