The innovative and unique ClimaPri product family includes:

The market's first complete system including water metering and underfloor heating.

  • Manifold-specific floor heating control unit with leakage sensors.‍
  • With a clear user interface of the apartment/space-specific, energy-efficient e-INK multifunction display.‍
  • Room-specific thermostat with energy-efficient e-INK display.‍
  • Extensibility for invoicing heating consumption per cost center according to the EU energy efficiency directive.

The new ClimaPri-based services are also connected to the myMetec cloud service, offering an easy browser-based user interface for monitoring measurements and adjusting temperatures. In addition, myMetec's API interfaces enable complete automation of consumption-based invoicing, and resident IDs enable residents to participate in, for example, energy saving.

Metec's overall system utilizes the best wireless network technology on the market, ensuring reliable operation.

ClimaPri features

The ClimaPri floor heating control is versatile and suitable for both new construction and renovation projects.

ClimaPri's features are appreciated by the end users of the buildings as well as by stakeholders in the planning and construction phase.

ClimaPri features include:

  • Leakage water sensors for identifying condensate and leakage water.
  • Window open detector.
  • Continuous flow and return water temperature measurement and alarms, enabling a floor sensor-less installation method with a better end result.
  • Room/facility-specific weekly clock.
  • Resident information function.

Participation in energy saving

Many features of ClimaPri involve the users of the premises in energy saving.

With the week clock, space-specific heating adjustment is simple. Monitoring water consumption has been proven to reduce water consumption and thereby the amount of energy used to heat water.

The resident information feature can be used, for example, in housing associations to inform the average consumption, in which case the users of the premises receive real-time comparison data for monitoring and evaluating their own consumption.

Intelligent adaptive system

ClimaPri together with myMetec is able to adapt and optimize its operations based on previously collected information.

For example, the system predicts and adjusts the start time of the floor heating, so that the target temperature specified in the weekly clock is reached at the desired time. All data collected from the premises of the property can also be exported to building automation via the central unit.

The intelligent system together with the easy expandability of the features make Metec a superior partner for the measurement and adjustment needs of future properties.

Metec's equipment base contains more than 60,000 measurement/adjustment points and the interest in the expanded ClimaPri product family has been great!

Reliable Metec ClimaPri!

Finnish excellence.

Why choose Metec?

  • The most extensive IoT measurement system on the market
  • Solid expertise through the WCOM Group
  • Own constantly developing cloud service
  • National care organization
  • Standard automation protocols
  • A scalable and universal system



The data of apartment-specific measurements are automatically transferred to our reading service.

Trend monitoring, reporting and alarm features help optimize indoor conditions and energy consumption.

It is possible to achieve pleasant indoor conditions even with lower energy consumption than before.


Alarm monitoring of deviations helps in the prevention of bigger damages.

Urgent alarms, for example leaks, are sent to property maintenance without delay.

Non-urgent alarms, for example deviations from the desired indoor temperature or humidity level, help in better management and forecasting of the property and its conditions.


An overall view of apartment-specific measurements and the conditions of the premises creates the basis for comprehensive reporting.

It is easy to verify the state of consumption and conditions almost in real time, and deviations from the normal situation are detected quickly.

Clear reports for monitoring and invoicing can be easily downloaded from the lecture service.


From the reading service, consumption data can be easily transferred as custom transfer files to the most common invoicing programs ( Fivaldi , Domus , Tampuuri , L7 , Hausvise ).

It is possible to transfer API interfaces from the service by utilizing water consumption data automatically directly to the billing system for consumption-based billing.

Consumption data can also be viewed retrospectively, which makes it easier to clear up ambiguities, locate device faults, and invoicing, for example, in the event of a move.

You are in good hands