Are you aware of your consumption?

We want to encourage everyone to save energ. With Metec's system you can easily monitor your own consumption and optimize water and energy consumption.

How can I use myMetec?

Would you like myMetec for your housing cooperative?​​

Tell your property manager about the myMetec service. You can also leave your contact information, and we will be happy to provide answers to the most common questions that concern housing cooperative.

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myMetec cloud service

Do you want to monitor your own consumption, participate in responsible water and energy consumption, and reduce your carbon footprint easily? Do you need a system to support safe living? myMetec is for you!

myMetec cloud service

A ready-to-use remote reading service is activated for our locations for effortless monitoring of water consumption and other measurement data and consumption readings and secure data storage. You will receive alerts about leaks and other deviations automatically without delays.

All measurement and consumption data transferred to the myMetec cloud service can be downloaded from anywhere and at any time. The service can also be used easily on mobile devices.

Depending on the scope of the system, your apartment may have its own resident monitor, which makes monitoring easy and real-time.
Conditions and consumption data, e.g. monitoring of water consumption and temperature and humidity measurement data can be done not only from the remote reading service but also from the resident display.